1. Issuance of general agreement for tourism facilities
  2. Issuance of permission and monitoring the creation, improve or complete tourism facilities
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Service Receipt Guide

Service Guidance

Refer to the system, register (enter the name and receive password).
Complete the required information and register the required documents, one can precede with the process of issuing the general agreement.
Note: Be extremely careful in entering your information. If you enter incomplete registration information, you access to the services can be denied.

After completing each step, a text message will be sent to the applicant to be informed of the process of completing the steps and in case of defective documents,
Those applicants who, before launching the system, submit their applications and documents to the General Departments of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism in provinces provided or received licenses in their self-declaration forms to upload action documents and other relevant steps can be followed through the system.

Required Documents

Required Documents:

A) Preliminary plan: The description of the general services of the plan is as follows:

Chapter One: Recognition

1-1- Knowing the area (check the location of the site in relation to the city and the area on the map or aerial photo)

1-2- Recognizing and reviewing the site including:

1-2-1- Site layout sketch with dimensions and size.

1-2-2- Check the communication network and access to the site on the map.

1-2-3- Survey of infrastructure facilities in the site and its area on the map (water, electricity, gas, sewage, roads, etc.)

1-3- Survey of usages around the site (lands and adjacent land uses)*

*The applicant can obtain the required information from the local municipality and in case the land is outside the road and urban planning departments.

Chapter Two: The Basics of Design

2-1- Codification of initial design goals and ideas for project construction

2-2- Physical plan table including: title of main spaces and approximate area and determining the percentage of each activity and use and each of these spaces, number of floors and maximum height

2-3- It is recommended to present the financial process forecast table of the investment plan and program as an approximate estimate of the executive costs of the plan and project separately for each part of the project.

B) Financial documents: financial account turnover, documents of movable and immovable properties

C) Ownership documents: including private property, lease agreement with executive bodies (such as municipality, land affairs, roads and urban planning, etc.), long-term lease (at least 5 years) with the notarized consent of the owner to implement the tourism plan in the property.

Note 1: If the land is state-owned, there is no need to upload land ownership documents.

D) Selecting the type of plan in accordance with the examples in the regulations for the creation, modification, completion, grading and rating of tourism facilities approved in 2013, which is uploaded in the system (outside of the above cases, it is not possible to select another project ).

E) utm map and sketch of the project location

After uploading the mentioned documents by the applicant and the approval of the provincial expert to complete the documents, the date of the visit to the place of project implementation will be sent to the investor via SMS. In case of any defects, the applicant will be notified to complete it.
After the plan is approved by the visiting expert, the applicant will receive additional documents from the system (credit, commitment letter and certificate of no bank debt) then complete and upload them.
The applicant's plan will be reviewed by the investment technical committee and the result will be announced to the applicant via SMS. If the plan is approved, an general agreement will be issued to the investor.
Note 2: It is worth mentioning that if the investment volume is over 150 billion Rials, the approval of the central headquarters (Office of Facilities and Resources) is required before issuing the general agreement.

After obtaining the general agreement, the applicant must take inquiries from the relevant executive bodies and the inquiries received from the organs by the provincial expert will be uploaded in the system.
The architectural plans of the project will be uploaded by the applicant in the system and approved by technical experts.
In order to obtain a construction license, a letter of introduction is issued to the applicant by the provincial administration.
The applicant will proceed with the loading of the construction license and the project completion schedule (the schedule is available in the system).
After obtaining the construction license from the relevant authorities, a creation permit will be issued to the applicant.

The system is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

After completing the information and conducting expert reviews, if the documents are approved, the license will be issued and will be notified to the applicant via SMS.

After the initial registration in the service unit window of the organization and obtaining the user ID and password, the applicant can upload the application for obtaining the license and the relevant documents through the application system for issuing principled consent and creating, modifying or completing tourism facilities.

After receiving the SMS regarding the issuance of the requested permit, the applicant can receive the original of the issued permit by referring to the General Office of the relevant province. The image of the issued license is available through the applicant's portfolio, which is assigned to the applicant in the window of the organization's electronic services unit.

All natural and legal persons applying for investment in tourism projects can obtain the necessary permits by submitting documents.

This service is provided free of charge to applicants.

Steps to do the job

- Registration in the window of the electronic services unit of the ministry

- Obtaining a user ID and password from the window of the ministry’s electronic services unit

- Logging in to the system requesting the issuance of a general agreement and a license to create, modify or complete tourism facilities through the window of the ministry’s electronic services unit

- Completing the requested information and uploading the required documents

- Visiting the project site

- The technical committee agrees with the province with the investment

- Obtaining the required inquiries from the relevant executive agencies

- Obtaining general agreement

- Preparation of architectural plans of the project

- Obtaining a construction license from the municipality

- Creating a license

- Providing a schedule

- Starting the executive operations

Required Documents

National ID or other identity documents

Copy of identity card

Ownership document of the place of project implementation

Pre-project plan

Certificate of no bank debt

Commitment letter and completion of validation form

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1- What is the title of the projects related to the field of tourism, which is in accordance with the regulations for the creation, modification, completion, grading and rating of tourism facilities approved in 2013?

The titles of projects related to the field of tourism, according to the regulations for the creation, amendment, completion and grading, etc. of the esteemed Cabinet of Ministers approved in 2013, have been included in the system. It includes hotel, apartment hotel, traditional restaurant, eco-lodge etc.


2- What is the process of issuing general agreement and creating a license?

After requesting in the system and uploading the preliminary plan, related documents and land ownership documents by the applicant, the documents will be reviewed by provincial experts and, if approved, the project site will be visited. Then the issue will be discussed in the provincial investment technical committee. After approval by the committee, a general agreement will be issued and the investor will be introduced to other agencies for inquiry. By providing a positive response to the required inquiries and approval of the project's architectural plans, as well as obtaining a construction permit, the installation permit will be issued (all steps will be notified to the investor by sending an SMS).


3- What is the service description of the initial justification plan?

A description of the initial design services is provided in the system guide.


4- Is it possible to invest in a project in several provinces?

Yes, it is possible to invest in several provinces if the applicants' ability assessment is approved.


5- How to register in the system?

Applicants refer to and enter their identity details. After entering the mobile number, the username and password will be sent to them and they can select the desired plan and upload the documents in the system.


6- How to invest in government lands?

If the plan is justified and approved by the technical committee of the province, the general agreement will be issued and the applicant will be introduced to the land transferor during the land transfer process.


7- What is the process of renewing the general agreement?

Applicants select the self-declaration process and upload the documents required for renewal, including inquiries received and permits issued in previous years. If approved by the provincial expert, the general agreement in principle will be extended.


8. If you have a lease, is it possible to invest?

A long-term lease is approved with the notarized consent of the owner to implement a tourism plan in the mentioned lands for investment.


9- If the plan is rejected in the provincial technical committee, is it possible to protest?

If the plan is rejected by the provincial technical committee, it is possible for the applicant to object to the reasons given.


10- What is it like to receive inquiries from other related executive bodies?

After issuing the general agreement, the provincial administration introduces the investor to the relevant executive bodies to receive a positive response to the inquiry.


11. What projects do applicants receive permission from the organization to create?

Examples of the regulations for the creation, amendment, completion and grade of the date dated 2013.


12. How many days does it take from the time of application till the issuance of the license?

If the documents are completed and there are no legal problems, 30 days will be created for general agreement and 45 days for permission.


For more information, please contact Deputy of Investment:


Schematic steps

Establishment Permit for Tourism

In order to obtain the substantive agreement for tourism facilities, the project information should be uploaded in the portal, which is designed for issuing these agreements through a single window for services. After the approval of experts, the substantive agreement, and permit for establishment, improvement or completion of tourism facilities will be issued.

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